Journey to Jesus

If you don’t know me, I would love to meet you! Let me know who you are and share your journey too! 

My name is Kristina Joy. I partner with my husband Ryan as parents and pastors! It has been our joy to raise our boys! Ashton in High School, Adrien in Middle School, & Alijah in pre-school. We love serving Evangel.Church since 2002 as Creative Arts Pastors, and worship leaders. I am Enneagram Type 7. (If you know about these enneagrams, you know that I love to make everyday a party! If you want to know more, this is where I got started! click HERE.) I graduated (just 15 days before I got married) from North Central University as a vocal major and Bible minor in 2000.

I grew up with amazing matriarchs (& amazing patriarchs too)! SO blessed with Godly parents who raised me with meaningful moments and knew how to make every day merry. I wanted them to pass that along to their grandkids in this way – that the rich understanding of God’s Word would live on!

They have left a legacy of God’s LOVE & JOY & PEACE for me to continue to my next generation. I share all of this so that His story may continue! My Mom & Dad (& sisters) contributed greatly to all of the content that I will share this Advent! May the sticky story sharing live on in your family too!

Psalm 78:5-8 (MSG)

He planted a witness in Jacob, set His Word firmly in Israel,

Then commanded our parents to teach it to their children

So the next generation would know, and all the generations to come—

Know the truth and tell the stories so their children can trust in God,

Never forget the works of God but keep His commands to the letter.

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