December 20

The wise men also offered the gift of frankincense, a spice people used when they worshipped God.🎁

Frankincense was considered liquid gold during Jesus’ time. It was one of the most valued essential oils in the world. It could help keep you healthy, cure some illnesses, or help ease pain. It was also used in prayer and worship. It would have been considered a practical gift with many uses. It was symbolic too. Frankincense, which was often burned, symbolizing prayer rising to the heavens like smoke. We can talk to Jesus through prayer and worship! He loves to hear us talk to Him and sing to Him!

Turn on some music and sing a long as you make your home smell like Christmas. This 2-ingredient apple cider not only makes the house smell like Christmas – it’s yummy too!πŸŽβ˜•οΈπŸ

Great family movie idea!πŸ‘†πŸŽ

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