Make it MERRY

One of the oldest Christmas carols dates back more than 500 years, and once I began to understand its lyrics, I began to make it our family prayer. GOD REST YE, MERRY GENTLEMEN doesn’t mean I am praying my boys sleep happy, it is a prayer that God would MAKE them MIGHTY! When properly translated, the verb “rest” means “to make,” and the word “merry” means “mighty.”

As a mom of boys, this hits home. I know life is not always happy, but it can be MERRY! 😁💪 Even that isn’t something that we can manage on our own, but I know Someone Who is the mightiest, and Who wants all of us to have a MIGHTY, MERRY Christmas!

Though this season may amplify hurt, loss, and pain for so many of us – I am praying tidings of COMFORT & JOY! The relationship I enjoy with the person of Jesus makes it possible to live every day MERRY! The whole purpose behind is to encourage and strengthen those who are feeling weakened by life, families who aren’t feeling strong and healthy, and those who, maybe, just need some rest.

I have many days where I just need a Silent Night! In the Bible, Mary, the mother of Jesus, had to be MIGHTY to journey nearly 100 miles right before having a baby! Sometimes life is hard, and we are stronger than we know! God can even use pain for a purpose.

I pray this Merry Christmas may carry new meaning, and I hope you join me and my family on this journey! 


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