December 23

In the Christmas story, Matthew 2:6 says a Ruler will come from Bethlehem.

What do rulers, kings and queens sometimes wear on their heads?

A crown!👑

You can see lots of crowns at Christmas. Here are a couple from my parent’s tree!

Many countries have different traditions, but what does the Bible say about crowns?

The only crown Jesus wore was a crown of thorns so He could give us a crown of life!

James 1:12 and Revelation 2:10 talk about a crown of life for those who stay faithful to Jesus.👑

Then in Revelation 4:10 John had a vision of heaven. Part of worship was putting their crowns down before God’s heavenly throne. Casting our crowns down at Jesus’ feet gives Him the glory for any of our achievements or honors. It’s a way to say “Thank You, Lord” for all of our blessings!

Today we can praise God for spiritual and eternal life because of Jesus. And we can practice laying down our crowns and accomplishments at Jesus’ feet.

Get your party hats ready for Jesus’ birthday party!👑🎉

If you live in Crown Town like us, you may have one already! With our Kansas City Royals & Hallmark headquarters – we see crowns all year long! You can use any Christmas decor, check out these crowns on pinterest! Or go enjoy some Burger King.👑 The whole point of the ROYAL birthday party is to remember we can all be a part of His Royal Family as sons and daughters of the King of Kings!

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